Alex-Net Corporation will faithfully observe the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations to manage personal information as follows.

1. Clarification of Intended Use
When acquiring personal information, Alex-Net will clarify the purpose beforehand. If the intended use changes, we will seek the consent of the person(s) affected.
2. Collection via Appropriate Methods
Alex-Net collects personal information using honest and transparent methods. No matter what, we will never collect personal information using dishonest methods
3. Usage Within the Scope of Intended Use
Alex-Net’s use of collected personal information is limited to the scope of intended use. If usage is to exceed the scope of intended use, we will seek the consent of the person(s) affected.
4. Management via Precise and Up-to-Date Conditions
Alex-Net manages personal information within the scope of intended use based on precise and up-to-date conditions.
5. Disclosure to Third Parties with Consent of the Person(s) Affected
Alex-Net will seek the consent of the person(s) affected beforehand in the event personal information is to be disclosed to third parties. Without prior consent, personal information will not be disclosed to third parties.
6. Safe Management
Alex-Net appoints administrators to ensure safe management so that clients are not affected by the external leak or falsification of personal information.
7. Disclosure Requests
Alex-Net will disclose personal information to those individuals who request disclosure of their personal information. In addition, if a request is made to correct or delete erroneous information, Alex-Net will make the corrections or deletions and inform the person(s) affected.
8. Sincere Handling of Complaints
In the event Alex-Net receives a complaint regarding the management of personal information, we will confirm the situation and respond swiftly and sincerely.
9. Employee Education and Training
Alex-Net provides its employees with education and training designed to deepen awareness regarding the importance of handling and management of personal information to ensure its proper management. In the unlikely event of a violation of the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations, Alex-Net will engage in Company-wide problem-solving in an effort to discover the cause and prevent recurrence. Furthermore, Alex-Net will disclose information pertaining to the violation in a prompt and accurate manner, providing full accountability and strictly punishing any employee involved in the violation.
April 1, 2005

Masaaki Kato, President
Alex-Net Corporation

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