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Alex-Net philosophy and business since our founding

Alex-Net was established in 2000 based on the recognition that the healthy growth of corporations is necessary for social and economic development. Since then, we have supported communication activities contributing to the enhancement of corporate value in line with our philosophy of “maximizing corporate value.”

Approach to enhancing corporate value

Amid the current globalization of corporate activities and diversification of business leading toward a new age, companies are under pressure to coexist with a variety of stakeholders as they create value. To this end, it is necessary to create corporate value creation scenarios having vectors that intersect with targeted business approaches and stakeholder concerns.

Measures for enhancing corporate value

What is necessary for the most effective communications between corporate activities and stakeholders? Both persuasive logic and creativity to convey that logic are essential. To maximize this effectiveness, Alex-Net leverages its specialization and experience in corporate communications, meeting corporate needs working as producers alongside global professionals with expertise in a wide range of areas. We will continue striving to realize client “corporate value maximization” with production capabilities as our greatest strength.

Alex-Net Corporation
Masaaki Kato,
Representative Director

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